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We welcome you to review the stories that were presented. Click on any of the thumbnail images below to download the decks. And for more inspiration, have a look at the main Q&A's from  the presentations and related contents on these digital topics that we've recently published!

SKIMspiration Europe 2018: Driving Digital Success - Opening

by Mini Kalivianakis

Driving digital success

 (Wo)man vs Machine: From competition to collaboration

by Samantha Bond and Janneke van den Bent

woman machine thumbnail

Read our blog post on 5 tips to add automation to market research and visit our research automation page for more inspiration on Smart Qual.

From SKIM's Innovation lab: SmartQual in Patient Research

by Janneke van den Bent 

smart qual in patient research thumbnail

From SKIM's Innovation lab: Alexa, can you be my smart research assistant?

by Yasemin Ozdemir

Alexa, can you be my smart research assistant thumbnail

For more inspiration on voice technology, read our blog post on 3 tips to optimize your voice commerce strategy and/or visit our voice technology page to download the guide on brand strategies for voice tech, our infographic on voice tech implications on brands, and more.

From SKIM's Innovation lab: Preview of SKIM's social media solution

by Paul Janssen

SKIMspiration-2018-Q&A-thumbnailWith consumers spending an average of 1.7 seconds with any mobile content, brands need a better approach to break through the endless scroll to reach the distracted and bored consumer.  End this year we'll launch a new SKIM platform which allow marketers to more accurately test social media content (static & video). The result will be richer insights brands can use to create thumb-stopping content that can ultimately drive sales.  Have a look at the Q&A file for more details on this upcoming solution - and stay tuned! 

True of False: Applying pricing and choice behavior learnings in the shift to digital

by Joyce van Heeswijk

Pricing myths thumbnail

Read more about pricing and portfolio optimization topics on our blog here. 

Mobile-Ready Hero Images: Optimizing eContent for faster, easier online shopping

by Mini Kalivianakis and Borbala Szinetar

hero image thumbnail

Read our related blog post on what we learned from Unilever's Oliver Bradley on his eCommerce Journey this topic and/or review the webinar we hosted with him.

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Photo gallery from SKIMspiration Europe 2018

Credit to Rob van Dalen / blinckt.nl, Instagram