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In this webinar, we share best practices in eCommerce advertising creative and product content you can use for popular online retailer sites and eCommerce platforms.

Topics we cover: 
  • How to develop eCommerce ads that stand out online and encourage conversion (add to basket and click-through rates)
  • Best practices in eCommerce product content that grabs shoppers' attention and moves the needle from consideration to conversion (e.g. hero images, price formatting, videos, etc.)
  • Considerations for tackling online behavior nuances by category, country, retailer, etc.
  • Research solutions that can better predict and influence online shopper behavior on popular e-tailer websites, like Amazon, and eCommerce platforms

This webinar is part of our eCommerce webinar series designed to help you adapt your success strategies amidst disruption.

If you haven't already, we welcome you to watch the first webinar "eCommerce Success Strategies Amidst Disrupted Consumer Behavior". In this webinar we share strategies brands are adopting to boost online engagement & conversion.