Launching a breakthrough innovation: Unspoken®

In today’s digital world, mobile devices are at the center of our daily routines. From sun up to sun down, we search, share, watch, like, and swipe. To keep up, marketing professionals have to adjust to this new reality and change the way they interact with consumers.

In this context, providing an intuitive mobile experience and utilizing an implicit research technique is key.


Paul-JanssenPaul Janssen, VP Brand Communication at SKIM and one of the people behind our latest innovation, introduced Unspoken®, a new technology that combines an innovative implicit research technique with an engaging mobile interface.

By leveraging native mobile swiping and tapping techniques consumers are given an intuitive user experience that helps connect with their natural behavior. Advanced algorithms rooted in SKIM's choice modeling expertise, then use the recorded choices and reaction times to model outcomes that are more reflective of the instinctual behavior consumers display in market.

Unspoken® can be used for a variety of applications like screening variants, packs and promotions. However, the main focus of the webinar will be on brand communications. More specifically, we will explore how we can use Unspoken® to identify which ads or messages break through the clutter and convert shoppers into buyers once they have arrived at the moment of truth like a shelf or website.