Would you like to review the results of 700+ Unilever communication claim studies worldwide, and benefit from what we learned on your brand or category? Well, you can!

Unilever & SKIM have partnered on studying more than 24,000 claims across 43 countries since 2008. We used this vast pool of knowledge to extract insights and create clear guidelines on how to write winning claims.

We're happy to share that we have a format in which you can access and review all historical data too: the Unilever Communications Database (built on Power BI).

Fill in the form on this page and we'll provide you with access and instructions.

We hope you find this useful. If you are unsure how to access the database or have any other questions, please let me know or reach out to your SKIM partner directly.

Kind regards,

Joyce van Heeswijk
SKIM Global Unilever Account Manager