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6 steps to identify and untangle today’s consumer decision journeys

Read our blog post to gain clarity on decision journey mapping and the many path-to-purchase opportunities for clients. Get tips that will help identify and prioritize the decision journeys most important to your brand. 


How to develop more impactful product sustainability claims and on-pack messaging

Read our blog post for tips you can apply to strengthen your sustainability claims and on-pack messaging today.


SKIM Digishop™

Read how our solution SKIM DigiShop can help you optimize online conversion by predicting digital shopper behavior via realistic, replicated online environments.

SKIM DigiShop Driving CTRs

The solution can mimic eCommerce platforms, online retailers, price comparison sites, and mobile apps to help brands better influence online shopping behavior.

SKIM Unspoken®

Read how our solution SKIM Unspoken, a new technology that blends implicit research techniques with an engaging mobile interface, can help you measure rational and emotional drivers to accurately predict how consumers behave and decide.

SKIM Unspoken

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