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SKIM Conjoint Seminar 2021


In this on-demand webinar you will learn the basics of what conjoint is, how it works and how you can utilize this research method to get the answers your team or client is looking for. We review the most common techniques and discuss the benefits and limitations of each.

Topics we cover:
  • What is Discrete Choice Modeling a.k.a. Conjoint
  • Most common conjoint techniques - MaxDiff, CBC, MBC - and when to use them

Want to go beyond the Conjoint basics and understand how to take full advantage of Conjoint research to improve outcomes for brands?

Contact our Data Science experts to learn:
  • How to get more out of a study than just a market simulator with preference shares
  • How to get deeper meaningful insights from a conjoint
  • What value other analysis methods such as segmentation, optimization and decision trees can add to your results
  • How SKIM can help you with this