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Looking to make a breakthrough in marketing sciences?

The Sawtooth Software Conference brings together research and analytics professionals to deepen their knowledge and get hands-on training on the latest conjoint analysis methodologies. As a longtime Sawtooth Software partner, our team shared our choice modeling expertise with industry peers in Orlando.

Our methods and analytics experts from across the U.S. and Europe presented various technical papers, workshops and tutorials on a range of choice modeling topics at the Sawtooth Software Conference 2022.

Below are the topics we covered, of which you can download the presentation decks:

  • Co-Clustering with Covariates: Maximum insight, minimal effort and with covariates even more actionable
  • Innovation via pragmatic & accessible insights for PayPal
  • Are we overfitting our models with how we are estimating our price parameters?
  • Thompson sampling in CBC
  • Volumetric Conjoint and the role of assortment size
  • Vector Autoregressive Modeling of Longitudinal sales data using Simulated Populations informed by Conjoint experiments