Predicting consumer choice in the ever-changing digital landscape is becoming increasingly challenging, especially in the crowded technology and telecom markets. Consider the hundreds of potential options consumers face when it’s time to keep or switch telecom providers. They often turn to online channels, either comparison sites or the provider sites, to choose which voice, data and carrier plans best meets their needs.

filter-cbcSKIM Online Comparison Website Replication

But how exactly are these decisions made online? Uncovering that answer is key to optimize your subscription portfolio today. However, traditional research techniques have limitations for today’s online shopper.

Wessel Roose, Senior ManagerPresented by Wessel Roose, SKIM Senior Manager, in this webinar you’ll learn how VodafoneZiggo was able realize new strides in accuracy and prediction of consumer choice thanks to using traditional and non-traditional research techniques.

You will:

  • Learn why traditional conjoint approaches are not ideal where the number of product choices is very high
  • Understand why it’s crucial to replicate consumer choice in the most accurate way to predict market reality
  • View a new research solution which better mimics decision-making online
  • Find out how online shoppers use filters on comparison websites and how that can help optimize online design to better address consumer preferences