Which value features and services should be included in the standard offer vs. additional?

If your portfolio offers standard products, plus the option to add features or services, it’s important to accurately understand and predict your customer’s willingness to pay for each. How you obtain these consumer insights can mean the difference between a successful revenue management strategy or leaving money on the table.


Joost van Ruitenburg,

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Example of how the Hybrid CBC-MBC solution can help unlock additional potential profit by restructuring your portfolio
  • How this research methodology can overcome current pricing challenges for companies in the following industries:
    • Telecommunications
    • Consumer durables
    • MedTech
    • B2B software and service
    • Technology
    • Financial services
    • Media and entertainment
    • Hospitality
  • Types of pricing insights and deliverables you can expect from SKIM’s Hybrid CBC-MBC solution
  • Respondent experience and technical set up of Hybrid CBC-MBC solution
  • Methodological considerations for this research solution