When launching a new product, how do you get consumers to try your brand?

What message will grab their attention? And even more so, which words will persuade consumers to break their habit of buying what they always do, and trial your new food product instead?

Based on a database of 30.000 product messages tested for leading FMCG brands across the globe, we shared key ingredients for persuasive communication messages at the 2021 Virtual NPD Food & Drink – Trends & Innovation conference in March.

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Joyce van Heeswijk
Senior Director and European FMCG industry lead

Topics we covered:

  • How the concept of Psychological Distance can help brands improve the relevance and impact of messaging and visuals. For example: why can it be challenging for sustainability messages to affect a purchase decision?
  • Why considering your consumer’s ‘desired end state’ can help reveal which triggers will best drive product purchase. Including: why is a reference to ‘natural’ is so powerful in the food category?
  • 3 proven aspects of comms messages that resonate in the Food category. For example: should you focus on the origin of ingredients or the process of manufacturing?