New implicit method joins mobile tech with System 1 System 2 - R&R 2017

Language of the deck: German

With Unspoken ™, implicit techniques are combined with an appealing mobile interface. Unspoken ™ consists of three core modules:

  • Attraction: Consumers swipe stimuli right when they like them and left, if not. Intuitive assessments, which are given quickly one after the other, are measured.
  • Conversion: Consumers need to balance between stimuli. By choosing between options, stimuli assessments are more rational.
  • Understanding: By clicking on the relevant areas and asking for a reason, the consumer is examined (or not) which stimuli elements, consumers like.

Unspoken ™ is intuitive and fun. Reaction times and the actual decision are modeled to understand which communication, visual stimuli or products have the most potential and can convince buyers at the moment of truth.