How can a leading brand adapt to changing consumer behavior in uncertain times?

This was the exact question Nestlé faced in Brazil during the height of the pandemic. The company needed to ensure its messaging was optimized to maintain brand loyalty. As a premium brand they needed the right communications to drive sales across diverse categories and consumer segments – and they needed to do so fast!

Nestlé turned to SKIM for communications insights on how to quickly update messaging for the Brazilian market. By taking an agile, mobile-first research approach, the company quickly learned how to balance messaging around quality, cost, functional benefits, and brand superiority.

At IIEX Latin America we shared how Nestlé applied SKIM’s Psychological Distance communications framework to capture consumer attention, maintain brand loyalty and drive sales in Brazil.

Language: Spanish
Subtitle: English

What you'll learn

  • How Nestlé tackled communications challenges in Brazil during the height of the pandemic
  • How Nestlé engaged internal stakeholders in the message development process and quickly activated insights to speed up the launch of new creative
  • How Nestlé applied consumer psychology principles and SKIM’s Psychological Distance framework to improve brand messaging, including examples from in-market campaigns
  • The mobile-first research approach that allowed Nestlé to be agile in its response to changing consumer behavior

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