Grow your business with tangible communication guidelines that are grounded in consumer psychology

How do you attract and convert shoppers in today's crowded marketplace?

Tapping into consumer psychology can be an effective way to tackle this challenge. Leading companies, like Google and Unilever, have used SKIM’s Psychological Distance Theory to improve product messages, visuals and concepts. The theory, developed in
collaboration with bright minds at the psychology department of New York University, is the foundation of our actionable communications guidelines.

Understanding the theory and implementing our proven guidelines can help your brand more meaningfully connect with your customers and drive conversion as a result.

Download our guide to learn:

  • The principles of SKIM's Psychological Distance Theory and Sensory Framework, and how these help brands connect better with customers and drive conversion
  • Actionable guidelines to optimize your product messaging and visuals 
  • A case study on driving eCommerce success in which application of our Psychological distance theory and guidelines led to 40% increase in sales.