An individual’s unmet needs, context, objectives, and behavioral intentions all influence their ultimate decision to choose one product or brand over another. This holds true for consumers, healthcare and B2B professionals.

Do you know what steps your customers make in choosing between you and the competition?
  • Sometimes this decision-making process is quick or habitual, sometimes it’s more deliberate. For companies, knowing what drives habits or what triggers can drive behavior change, can directly impact business success.

  • Applying decision-behavior theory allows you to better influence customers’ choices – to guide your marketing, communications and innovation plans. 

In this webinar you'll learn how brands can use the SKIM Habitual-Deliberate Decision Loop to support growth strategies, drive customer acquisition and command brand loyalty.

Marcel Slavenburg

Marcel Slavenburg
Senior Director, SKIM


Andrea Podobnik
Analyst, SKIM

Topics we'll cover: 

  • Practical strategies for how to apply the habitual-deliberate framework to optimize advertising, pricing, and innovation strategies
  • How habits are formed and what cues companies can use to reinforce habitual (or repeat) behavior and command brand loyalty
  • Examples of triggers and disruptors that can influence more deliberate choices or “switching” behavior between brands or products
  • Specific steps of the decision-making journey and tips on where you can improve the customer experience along each step