Understand what drives the decision-making of customers to optimize brand performance

How do people react if you alter a product or change a price? With multiple products to choose from, which product will they pick? And which features drive their decisions?

Understanding what drives the decision-making of customers is key when optimizing brand performance. Discrete Choice Modeling is often the best way to provide these insights, by replicating customer choice and trade-off behavior. That is, if you know when and how to use Conjoint Analysis, and how to get the most out of it.

As part of our 3-course SKIM Conjoint Seminar, in this second session you will learn how to get more out of a study than just a simple market simulator with preference shares.

Find out how to present quick and deeper meaningful insights from a conjoint and what value other analysis methods such as segmentation, optimization and decision trees can add to your results.

Date and time: Thu, 22 April | 10.45 - 11.15 CEST

Topics we will cover:

  • Latest conjoint solutions
  • What one can get out of a simulator
  • How to go beyond the standard insights
  • When to use what conjoint method