Get practical tips on turning Big Data into actionable insights

As more data sources become available to companies, we see more opportunities for insights extraction and data-driven
marketing activation across all industries. Aside from the general trends or observations ascertained from the data, it’s the actionable insights that are most valuable – this is the real competitive advantage a Big Data strategy can offer.



However, in practice, insights extraction isn’t a straightforward process, especially when dealing with “big,” unstructured data.

In this paper, you will learn:

  • What is the role of traditional insights in the world of Big Data?
  • How tapping into advanced analytics methods  with Big Data can help better predict and understand consumer behavior
  • A practical case study of how, the leading architectural website worldwide, optimized its digital content strategy based on an analysis of 20 terabytes of Big Data. 
  • SKIM's 5-step Big Data framework
  • Benefits of applying market research analytical rigor to Big Data analysis