In the wake of COVID-19 which new online habits will consumers stick with?

While no one can predict this million-dollar question, what’s certain is that consumer online behavior has been disrupted.

Whether these behavioral shifts have resulted in new customers choosing your brand online, or a loss in sales, the marketing decisions you make today will have a long-lasting impact on your business.

In this webinar, our eCommerce experts, Mike Mabey and Mini Kalivianakis, will share eCommerce strategies brands are adopting to boost online engagement and conversion.



Mini Kalivianakis
Client Solutions Director and Partner


Mike Mabey
VP Client Solutions Americas

Topics we cover: 

  • Understanding which online touchpoints and triggers will best reinforce or disrupt new consumer habits
  • Optimizing digital content (messaging, ads, visuals etc.) and guidelines to boost click-through and add-to-basket rates online, in-app and in mobile environments
  • Uncovering behavioral insights behind walled-garden websites, comparison sites and eCommerce platforms to better understand and influence online decision behavior
  • Optimizing online assortment, subscription pricing and promotions strategies to convert shoppers into buyers
  • Shifting to agile, mobile-first and implicit digital research solutions to enable eCommerce agility and mitigate risk