With inflation taking on a global scale, it’s difficult to manage concerns about both short and long-term effects.

In response to shifting consumer behavior, brands are reassessing pricing strategies to safeguard margins and drive revenue growth. However, determining the winning pricing approach for your brand, category and retail customers is challenging.

How do you make the tough call regarding:

  • Recommending small incremental price changes
  • Adjusting promo offers
  • Changing channel priorities
  • Adapting price-pack architecture

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • A more consumer-centric pricing approach to navigating inflation
  • How to transition from short-term, tactical solutions --> towards a strategic pricing approach for long-term success
  • A 3-step process that includes analyzing historical data, primary data, and aligns stakeholders
  • How to better predict consumer behavior and competitive scenarios in advance of your pricing decisions



Robin de Rooij
Senior Director


Ricardo Rodrigues
Senior Manager