How to achieve eCommerce agility with digital content optimization

Online retailers are often the research hub and starting point for today’s consumers. However, uncovering the behavioral data of online and mobile shoppers on these influential sites has been challenging.

Such was the challenge for a leading international producer of wine, beer and spirits who was in the process of syndicating product content for its online retail partners. While most online alcohol purchases are made via mobile, 1/3 of these shoppers purchased less than expected, because they couldn’t find the right items.


SKIM Webinar - eCommerce environments

By leveraging a testing environment mimicking the Amazon mobile shopping experience, the company was able to optimize its online content, develop a standard and share valuable online behavioral insights with its online retail partners -- in less than 60 days. In this webinar we’ll share how you can achieve eCommerce agility by adapting your insights strategy to today’s mobile shopping environment..

Attend the webinar to learn:

  • How a leading alcohol company was able to quickly experiment with different online scenarios in a confidential and realistic e-tailer environment
  • Retailer reaction to data-driven approach online content decisions
  • How to optimize eCommerce content, including visuals and text, based on deeper insights than a ‘best worst’ analysis
  • How to better measure mobile shopper reactions and product conversions via a unique website replication platform