From Amazon Alexa and Google Home to Apple Siri, consumers across the US and Europe are increasingly experimenting with voice technology.

40% of American, British and German users of voice tech have made at least one purchase via a digital assistant.

With the promise of making our lives easier, there’s no denying that voice technology and digital assistants are impacting consumer behavior today.

However, for marketers exploring this evolving channel, many questions remain:

  • Do consumer purchase trials via voice signal curiosity or do they indicate shifting shopping habits?
  • How and where can digital assistants be used to trigger or reinforce desired consumer behavior?
  • What’s the role of brands vs. e-tailers vs. AI platforms in the complicated voice ecosystem?

Download this webinar to learn: 

  • Consumer attitudes towards voice technology, including triggers and barriers to adoption
  • Usage trends of voice technology across countries and devices (smart speakers vs. smartphones)
  • Implications of voice technology on the path to purchase
  • Practical recommendations for experimenting with and optimizing voice marketing


Cori                       Joris-Huisman

Cori Deutsch, Manager             Joris Huisman, Managing Director